IMG_0891Arianna Lady Basco was recently recognized by the City of Los Angeles for her and her brother’s contribution to the arts, they were named The First Filipino Entertainment Family. Author of “Palms Up”, she also serves on the board for 1888.center, and is the host of the downtown staple Speakeasy in The Last Bookstore.  She is the co-writer/ producer of Work In Progress and was formerly of the band Swahili Blonde. She has lent her voice and time to various charities and organizations throughout the years reaching as far as The Philippines for the GMA series The Balikbayan Project w/ The Bascos hosted by Giselle Tongi. More information at ladybasco.com



beau sia is the son of chinese immigrants from the philippines.  he is a tony award winning poet, an acclaimed author, and a source engineer.  beau has spent the last twenty years of his life performing throughout the english speaking world, slowly writing the evolution of his story, and learning from all he encounters.  he currently lives in los angeles, where his ever-developing understanding is applied towards his transformation from artist to human being who creates.






Dietrich Seto

Born in Los Angeles. Yo-yo enthusiast.

Cinephile jump shooter. Multihyphenate talker.

Polymath. Technopath. Dreamer. Gamer. Creator. Nerd.